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Q-Gadget is part of the VSR2 drive to provide even higher levels of Information Convergence within the Cisco contact centre environment.

Q-Gadget feeds real-time contact centre queue stats to a PC or Laptop utilising Windows Vista via the sidebar.

With the simple to use settings menu any user can change between queues quickly as is required.

This solution allows you to continue working whilst it unobtrusively presents the information clearly and concisely.

It can be placed anywhere on the Vista sidebar and can be moved up and down as is preferred by the computer user.

Q-Gadget can act independently or in compliment to the VSR2 range of information display products designed for the Cisco Express (UCCX) and Enterprise (UCCE) contact centre platforms.

Simple, elegant, effective interface
Easy to use menu
Run two Q-Gadgets on side bar
Change Queues in seconds
Information clearly segmented
Real-Time Queue statistics
Shows current Service Level
Each Agent has own Q-Gadget
Gadgets are compact single-purpose applications which sit on a user's computer desktop updating in real time.

The Q-Gadget is specifically designed for contact centre environments ensuring agents and managers can be constantly fed with specific mission critical information for particular queues.

With an easy to use interface each Q-gadget can be quickly set up with a different queue shown on each one as is required by the operator.
Special Offer
You get a 20% discount on any other VSR2 software product when you purchase them in conjunction with a CCX or CCE wallboard.

Why? Well if you are supporting us then we feel it is appropriate to give something back.

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